Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Book Review Alert: Broken Essentials

Book Review Alert: Broken Essentials 

Author: April Harper

Published:  March 11, 2020

Publisher: Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: B0857GV172

Rating: 4 stars

Every girl wants the love of her mother, but what happens to the girl that doesn't get it.  Meet Denise. The relationship that she has with her mother, Terry, is nothing less than a nightmare. There is no love for them and Denise is determined not to have the same relationship with her unborn child. Now we have Terry. Who for no fault of her own is a TERRIBLE mother. Denise then meets Tyrell. But the love of her life has his own issues. But because of the love that Denise has for him, his issues become her issues. When this happens everything comes to the forefront. Worlds collide. Issues come. Who will be the last female standing? What about Tyrell will he come to his senses? But most of all what will become of Denise’s daughter? 

This book was a good read. All the characters were able to bring a true identity to the storyline. I do not know if the author did this, but in my opinion it seems like the storyline was built around the characters. The development of the characters and storyline went hand in hand. For situations in the novel are very believable and that was a great addition to the novel. A storyline that you can really see happening. The only thing that keeps this novel from getting 5 stars is some questions that were left unanswered for the reader. Please author come up with a part 2 or give a conclusion because I would love to see what happens to Denise as a woman and to Denise and Tyrell as a couple/parents. 

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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