Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Book Review Alert: How to Resolve Any Relationship Issue


Book Review Alert: How to Resolve Any Relationship Issue 

Author: Angela Walker

Kindle Edition

Published: September 14, 2019

Publisher: Amazon Services


Rating: 3 stars

We are surrounded by relationships in everything that we do. This book gives pointers in relationships from how to start one to how to get what you want from it. There are examples that are given throughout. From how to deal with personal situations between you and your mate to employer to employee. Resolving issues in relationships is something that we all strive for and with this novel, some information can be given to help achieve this goal. 

Great information could be found throughout this novel. As a reader, I would have liked more pointers/information. There were plenty of examples but not enough information/pointers. As a reader, if the author placed more context, this would greatly improve the rating. 

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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