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Book Review Alert: Lynching Calendar


Book Review Alert: Lynching Calendar  

Author: Jessica Starks

Published: October 18, 2019

Publisher: Onion Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1733764704

Rating: 5 stars


I’d like to thank the author for sharing this book, wow what an emotional read. Within this short read are a number of stories from past times. Tales of people of color who suffered at the hands of racism, across the United States of America in a time when racial tension was even more charged than it is in the present day. I found all the stories to be page-turning, heart breaking, and at times while hard to read they are all a must read. I had to read this book in small doses even though I wanted to lap it all up in one siting, as it is a short read. I had to pace myself, this was not because they are badly written or uninteresting, to the contrary. They are so beautifully written they can and at times did draw tears. The most memorable story for me was one of the first I came across, about a man who was basically a target of a local white woman, and a pretty loose woman. She set about sleeping with as many men of color as she could, she came across one who did not fall for her hypnotic ways. He was a man of God, all he wanted to do was to enlighten her about the word of God, while he helped her chop some wood. To my surprise, she set him up and had him killed by the KKK for a rape and abuse that he did not do.  Thing is the local people even though then knew what she was like, they believed her. It felt like reading To Kill a Mockingbird all over again. I can’t really put into words how I felt reading it without being rather disrespectful to this female character, who had a hidden agenda against men of color, but I will say it was a good read even if sad.


Overall for me I enjoyed every single story. Beautifully written, engaging, the characters also resonated the speech and manners of those from the Deep South during the time the stories are set. For this I’d give props to the author for good character development. Five stars, a must read.

 (Reviewed by Kim)

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