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Book Review Alert: The Power of The Bayou

Book Review Alert: The Power of The Bayou  

Author: Dana Littlejohn

Published Date: January 28, 2020

Publisher: Dana Littlejohn


Rating: 4 starts


Wow this is a fast-moving plot! The author did not hang around with pace. I liked that, I enjoyed this little novella story. What pulled me in was the book’s blurb, genre, and the location it’s set in. We follow the hero’s story—Reynaud after he is cast out by ‘his people’, who are magical beings that have been alive for centuries, living undetected in this realm. His punishment handed to him is because, he is accused of a crime. As the story develops we learn he was set up, while he spends time in this realm as part of the punishment. He then falls for the heroine— Kameryn which sets him the path he needs to be. There are some twists here, no spoilers from me!

I was gripped from the first few pages, the opening scene with Reyanud’s situation had me reading quickly. I found the characters Kameryn and Reynaud both to be likeable. Kameryn has a backstory of her own, which weaves nicely into how her path crosses with Reynaud’s, it was easy to see why the two would find love given Reyanud’s ‘situation’ and punishment.  The ‘bad guys’ and other secondary characters to me I enjoyed reading. Reyanud’s enemy was not likeable and he was not meant to be! Kudos to the author here.  Like I said, I found as a reader that the plot moved quickly, which was good for me. That said I felt that some areas could have been developed more as I read. Such as Kameryn and Reyanud’s first year together. Literally as one chapter ended, the next started stating they had been together a year. As a reader rather than being told this, it would have been lovely if the author showed it— show don’t tell. This would have been a good reading experience for me, and filled in gaps regarding questions I had. Such as how did their love, relationship, life, and business partnership etc. develop over that year? At this point it would have been nice to see and experience this. As well as them actually falling for one another and love bloom, rather than being told or it just happened as a new chapter started.

Now I read very closely especially in genres where the world is ‘made up’ like paranormal stories, the timestamps within the plot caused a bit of confusion. Right at the end at a critical moment, in the last few pages one of the elders stated fifteen years had passed since the hero had been away, but, a moment ago it was just one year that he and Kameryn had been together. I got a little confused. Given the genre, this could be natural that time passes faster in the ‘other realm’ than the human realm. If so, I would have loved it if the author made this clearer. But it was no massive issue for me, nor did it take away reading enjoyment. It just raised a question, like ‘gosh how wonderful would it have been to see what had happened in this timeframe, rather than being told again.’ It just boils down to a bit more plot development, which could have brought this to a full five star read for me—readers (especially me) love it! Give us more! Overall as a reader from my reading experience this was a lovely introduction to the author’s work, I would recommend it to those who love paranormal romance, especially with African- American characters as leads. I would also read more from this author without a doubt, it was enjoyable. Even if I would have loved some parts more developed, rather than skimmed. Four enjoyable stars from me, I am pleased I read it! It was my cup of tea at the end of the day.

(Reviewed by Kim)

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