Monday, December 28, 2020

Book Review Alert: Tales of Elhaanai

Book Review Alert: Tales of Elhaanai

Author: Nicole Thomas

Published: April 14, 2020

Publisher: Nicole Thomas

ISBN: 978-1734919219

Rating: 3


Fantasy and magic comes together in this debut novel by Nichole Thomas. King Kaison and Queen Alanna rule the kingdom. And for years, they have been trying to produce a child. Well the time has come for a king but there is someone in the kingdom that is not too happy with this joyous occasion. You have those around that want the power that is waiting for the new king. Family is not always for family. She (Devona) wants her son to become king but time will time about that idea.  By the way, did I forget to say that she is the King’s sister.  You have Alric and Elhaani sent to the Oracle to receive guidance. Others in the story such as David and Akronius are looking for Alanna’s and Kiason's child. Who will become the ruler of this kingdom? Who will come join forces and become allies for the greater good? WHO WILL WIN???


I needed more from this novel. Chapters were short and had little depth. The reasoning for this statement is because there is no conflict that went past two chapters. It was a conflict present and then solved. I wanted to keep hanging for a little while at times.  I wanted to see the story unfold and come together a little smoother. I would have seen the characters have a defined purpose in some chapters. With a little more seasoning in this novel, I feel that the rating could have been a little higher.

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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