Monday, December 28, 2020

Book Review Alert: Thorns of My Past!

Book Review Alert:  Thorns of My Past!

Author:  Arrelle Thomas 

Publisher:  Amazon

Publication Date: March 7, 2020

ASIN: B085N78C47

Rating:   4 stars


The Thorns of My Past is a set of memoirs that explains the trials and tribulations of a young Christian woman. For  example  in chapter  one the author  opens the scene with her grandmother  trying  to  explain  something  to her but  as  a young  woman,  Arielle  does not understand.  We can understand this as women right? The response  to  her grandmother questions  with  respect  and shows the  reader how she as a young  woman  back then dealt with  problems  by consulting  with  grandmother . In this example Arielle told in so many words about her womanhood choices.  At one point, she thinks about everything and she finally gets the message.  By chapter 2 the guides the reader’s attention as she takes back to a class where a boy is being bullied and she becomes his friend.

She becomes the unspoken superhero. And with this the whole message of the memoirs take on another meaning. She's sassy and resourceful and she's young  women  to be themselves  because  she uses  herself and her  memoirs  so the reader  can  relate  to her

(Reviewed Julie) 

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