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Book Review Alert: Million Dollar Bill

Book Review Alert: Million Dollar Bill 
Author: Sherrod Tunstall
Published: December 5, 2020
Publisher: SJT Entertainment
ISBN-13: 979-8690832551
Rating: 5

Victoria Harrison is a single woman, with two children (a set of twins) and a career that keeps
her family, as well as her expensive tastes, taken care of. Outside of her career and her weekly
Friday appointments, her life is a bore, not spontaneous in the least. She has everything that
she wants in life, except a love of her own. Her best friend, Jenel, has been pushing her dear
friend, Victoria, to add some love spice to her life. However, her heart has been broken. Years
ago, the father of her children ended the relationship when she was pregnant and he has been
a deadbeat dad ever since. Giving her heart to another man was not in the cards. Besides,
other than her children, she has a one-track mind: her career at Image Magazine, caters to plus-
size women. Image is the dream career that she has wanted ever since she was a child. She
has proven herself to be a top employee. At a time when she has an opportunity to advance all
the way to the top in the company, life throws curve balls in her direction: one, a possible love
interest; two, a blast from the past. Will Victoria step out on love, go full throttle in her career, or
will it all blow up in her face?

This book was an awesome read. I gave the book a five-star rating. I love that the book
displayed black women in a positive light. This story is relatable to black and plus-sized women
who are trying to make it in a light-skinned, slim body society. The character, Victoria Harrison
was a very successful woman and had additional streams of income. She also had a very
strong support system within her family and best friend. Victoria was very independent and took
care of her children as a single mother. I also love that the character was a plus-sized woman
who was very confident in herself. Characters like her proves the stigma of big women to be
false; big women are beautiful and can be successful. They also deserve love too. Love is not
only for skinny women. The author’s unique writing style painted a vivid picture of the characters
and the settings of the novel.

(Reviewed by Kela)

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