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Book Review Alert: The City Heroes and other stories from the Heart of Africa

Book Review Alert: The City Heroes and other stories from the Heart of Africa

Author: Omoruyi Weingarten

Published:  February 21, 2012

Publisher: Pen Books

ISBN-13: N/A

ASIN: B007C4Cy6A

Rating: 4 stars


Literary Tic Tok of animals. I never thought of at this age reading a book where the animal, in this case cats, takes on real human feelings and emotions. In a way it is kind of funny. One point in reading this book, I could see the animals talking, drinking, and taking on real human attributes.  This book is an anthology. The stories within these pages are well rounded. You can have a solid beginning, middle, and end in each one. Every story has some type of meaning or thought that the author is trying to get across. The story of Forgiveness took the spotlight for me. In this very short but to the point story gives a great example on how forgiveness should be granted and how all in the situation can walk away stronger and better than they came in. 


I am a big fan of short stories. These short stories are good quality stories with an antidote. This is the first time that I have ever encountered this. The illustrations in the book are very good also. There is a great companionship shown between the stories and illustrations. They are vibrant and full of color. With the story that I chose as my favorite, Forgiveness, I could see the entire story in the illustration. Great job Omoruyi


(Reviewed by Patrice)


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