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Books 2 Read in Black History Month Feature Author KR Bankston

Meet Author KR Bankston

KR Bankston is a Fiction Novelist, Publishing Consultant, Ghostwriter, Public Speaker, and Mentor. The CEO of Kirabaco Media Group, LLC. Bankston entered the world of commercial publishing in 2008 with her first novel, A Deadly Encounter. She has since gone on to write and publish to date some 40+ novels, including two anthologies and one novella. 
KR has been featured in the Daytona Times Literary Spotlight: ‘What to Read While You Wait’ for her books Shattered Peace, Interception, The Destroyer, and Sinister Alliance. KR has been a guest on multiple online and blog radio shows.  KR is a nonconformist novelist who writes in a myriad  of genres. 

1. What is your writing process like?
I generally start with the idea of the story, at least 2 of the main characters, and go from there. I firmly believe in letting my characters tell their story, in their words. I’m not really an outline author. I write from the gut, normally writing two or three books at the same time. I usually give primary attention to whichever characters are taking center stage in my psyche that particular day. It may sound chaotic, but it works perfectly for me.
2. The Destroyer will scare any cheater straight. Where did you get the idea for this novel from? 
*Laughs* This particular story came from a partial dream I recalled when I woke up one morning. This is often the case for me believe it or not, my dreams bring along of stories to life. I sat down with just Exodus, the main character in mind, and his voice filled my head and took us through the odyssey. 
3. The Destroyer has been chosen to become a movie, who will play your main characters? 
Oooh good question. Honestly, I would love to bring in new actors that haven’t been seen in just about every movie. Possibly one or two “marquee” name actors, but I would want some fresh blood on my screen (no pun intended lol)
4. What novel would you consider your best work? And why does that work get this award?
*Looks around to see who came up with these questions* YIKES! That’s like asking a parent their favorite child. The work I would say is to this day my absolute heart, has to be my baby, A Deadly Encounter. Why? Dezi Gianni started it all. That storyline, rich in both worldisms, exceptional black love, exceptional black underworld excellence, solidified for me that I could write an entire novel that it was entertaining, and someone other than my family and friends would buy and read it. 
5. Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful process. Any tips for aspiring writers?
My advice? Relax and let it flow. Don’t force the ideas. Don’t put yourself on ridiculous timelines or deadlines. I believe that writing should be an organic force, that it should flow as easily as water through a stream. When you do find yourself at a block, and they will come, get up and step away. Breathe. Go relax. When it’s ready, it’ll come back and then so should you.
6. If you could choose anyone from the literary world to collaborate with, who would it be and why? 
Well I’ve actually done a couple great collabo’s, but the two I would have most liked, they have passed on; E. Lynn Harris and V.C. Andrews. 
7. How many books do you have on your bookshelf at home?
Um, let’s just say A LOT and leave it at that. LOL
8. We’ve just started a new year and I’ve seen lots of posts about new years’ resolutions. Do you have anything special that you’ll be focusing on this year?
I don’t do resolutions per se. I have plans for the year of course, and then whatever The Universe throws in, I take heed. I’m working on writing at least four books this year. Launching a new book series with my business partner/co-author, Elizabeth LaShaun. Expanding The Literary Evolution (we teach/empower Authors literary journeys) and planning the event for 2022. That’s just the stuff I know about, there are always surprises. *laughs* 
9. What would you like to leave with your readers?
When someone reads a KR Bankston creation, I want them to finish it with the satisfaction of their favorite meal, activity, place. I want them to have taken the best rollercoaster ride of their lives, ready to do it again. To feel like they’ve been transported and transplanted, smack dead center of the story itself. I challenge everyone who thinks they have me figured out to step outside their box and try a KR Bankston creation. ‘Bet I Can Make You Love A Bad Guy.’

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