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Book Review Alert: Overcoming the Mask: Something Had to Break

 Book Review Alert:

Overcoming the Mask: Something Had to Break

Author: Aquintas Jones

Published: February 20, 2021

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN-13: 979-8705624614


Rating: 3.5 stars

Enter the life of Aqunitas Jones. What a life it has been for her. The book takes the reader on the journey through her life to where she is right now. The life of Jones has been that of many trials from being sexually assaulted at a young age by one of her mother’s “friends” to being abused by her husband. Overcoming is a great word for this novel. She was loved by her aunt and uncle, who to me seems to be the only “family” she had in the beginning. Survival is a trait the Aquintas adapted at a young age as the reader can see in this novel. From when she heard the arguments and cries that would happen between her mother and father. The point of the book that affected  me the most as a reader was the death of Kevin. As she described the death of Kevin, my heart went out to her. You could tell that he meant something to her. Overall, I will say that I love the fact that she was so strong in her faith. She stayed committed even when it came against those that were also in the faith and were family.

I needed a better flow to this novel. Yes the flow was in the timeline of her life but it did not go smoothly as a reader.  That in no way takes away from the content of the novel. I can tell that she pours out her heart in this book but I wanted to get more from her and a little less from others. 

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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