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Book Review Alert: Recipe for Disaster

Book Review Alert: Recipe for Disaster

Author: Montoya Epperson

Published:  December 2, 2020

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN-13: 979-8566082035


Rating: 4 stars

Jasper could be considered the glue that keeps the things  together for her and her girls, Kim and Freckles. She is the ride or die friend. Just because she can keep the crew together doesnt me her life is going smoothly. Jasper is a caterer starting her own business. She is trying to make a name for herself but someone is making sure that will not happen for her. Who is trying to sabotage her business? 

David has very bad luck when it comes to women. To me he seems to be dumb as a door knob. He always seems to go for Mrs. Wrong. Well this last time, he chose Mrs. Wrong and lost everything. Yes David will have to fight from the bottom to get things back to the way it was and as you read you can tell he is up for the challenge. Jasper and David meet. Something is there but because of the hurt that one has gone through and the drama the other is going through makes both of them miss the fireworks to me. Going right past the target is called love. Will love have its way in more ways than one? Or will everything fail?

Jasper was getting on my nerves in some parts of the novel but I will say that her development as a character saved her in my eyes. David on the other hand, I felt bad for him. I was rooting for this couple from the moment they met. So many times in this book I was thinking to myself why won't these two??? OMG they are getting on my last nerve. But seeing the love mature between them was worth. The up and down of the roller coaster called emotions UGH!!!!. Good job but I know that there has to be more. Correct?? BTW: I do have one request?? Can I please beat up Freckles and Kim? She got on my nerves badly. Freckles (Amber) didn’t know any better and Kim at the end seemed like a hater to me. I know they were just looking out for their homegirl but dang.  LOL

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