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Book Review Alert: wPower: The Strength of an Empowered Woman to Change the World

Book Review Alert: wPower: The Strength of an Empowered Woman to Change the World 

Author: Felicha Sinegar- Stanley

Published: February 12, 2020

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN-13: 978-1087866260


Rating: 4 stars

If I had to give this book one word summary, that word would be strength. This book is an oath to Girl Power. Sinegar-Stanley guides a woman to a point where she can see excellence in her and other women around her. She gives readers great examples for each point in her book. She gives examples of women whom you would consider to be empowered; women that you can look up to. A book that is great with the age that we are living in today seeing that we have our first female and African American Vice President.  This book would go great with a journal that is designated for a woman’s goals and dreams. I will have to say that this book made me think of creative ways to encourage and to empower women that I see on an everyday basis. In some cases, I did not know that I was already doing just that. I didn't think that helping a woman by supporting her in a crisis was a form of empowering her. She stated in her book that she was “soft spoken” but “my words are powerful.” That is the mic drop for me. 

This is a great book to have in your collection of self and group motivational books. The author gave great points on how you can better yourself and others. I would have to say that  my favorite chapter was about mentoring. It made me think a lot about my best friend and how I should pass on the knowledge that she gave me to other women that work with me. Great job. 

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