Sunday, November 28, 2021

Book Review Alert: Stepping Into My Purpose

Book Review Alert: Stepping Into My Purpose

Authors: Dawn Braithwaite, Pache Felton, Arlise Ford, Yvonne D. Hendrick,  Charlotte Simon-Rowson, Dr. Elaine Sanders, Antoinette Saunders, and Rev Janel T. York

Published: 2021

Publisher: Unknown

Rating: 4 stars

Have you ever wondered why you were placed on this earth? What is your reason for being? Getting an answer to this question can be very overwhelming.  On the other hand, getting advice on this may be even harder. Stepping Into My Purpose is a book that can be considered as an introduction to figuring your purpose in life. Eight women of God came together as one to show others how they overcome and step into their purpose. 

Before reading this book, I had a problem with putting myself first. I thought it was a selfish thing to do.  While reading this book, I realized that it was ok. That taking care of me first is a stepping stone needed to take care of my family. Another takeaway from this book is that don’t let others put their thoughts on you. You have the ability to think for yourself. While on this journey of discovering their purpose, one author said that  you (the reader) need to first listen to their heart. That is one thing I was always afraid to do. Another author stated that in order to  progress you will have to endure change. I know that was true but hearing and reading it made it even more important to embrace. Points of this book made me feel like a young child getting “popped” on the hand. It was those you know better moments that just made me want to do better. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a book that will be so helpful in life. So many nuggets of wisdom are found within the pages of this novel. You will not want to read this once. You will want to read this book again and again. I promise you will have a new revelation with each reading. I know I did. 

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