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Book Review Alert: Tricking Off With a Thug: A Standalone Novel

Book Review Alert: Tricking Off With a Thug: A Standalone Novel
Author: Chan
Published:  November 29, 2021
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Rating: 4 stars
Byline: What about your friends? 

Meet “friends'' Toya and Jianna. Toya is a lowkey, quiet, business type chick but don't get it twisted she knows how to have fun. On the other hand we have Jianna. She is all about what she can get from whomever and however. She is all about herself. Loyal was never in her vocabulary. Toya meets Halo at a party and with little to know about him things are off to a good start. One the other hand, he knows plenty about her. Remember when I said that Jianna had no loyalty to anyone, that includes her friend. Someone is out for revenge on another player in this book by the name of Braylen for all the good reasons. When you find out why, your mind will be blown. 

Take a journey with a crew of friends/ associates. Who falls in love? Who is faced with betrayal? Who is killed and why? This rollercoaster ride called a book is nowhere near over.

Looka here. Looka here. This book right here. This book right here. Tricking Off With a Thug was a great steady read. The storyline flowed with ease and the character development went hand and hand. The author of this novel made sure that her characters started in the role that they were destined for. You saw the good in a character become better and better and the evil in another character become deeper and deeper. Yes it is a urban novel that shows the differences in relationships. For me the reader, it also gave me a chance to evaluate the relationships with people that I know.

This book was reviewed by Patrice.

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