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Book Review Alert: Her Obsession by A. J. Write

Book Review Alert: Her Obsession

Author: Author A. J. Writes
Published: February 7 2022
Publisher: Kindle Edition
ISBN-13: 979-8416522643
Rating: 5 stars
Byline:This chick is half passed crazy all the way fool. 

Antone is a businessman/ ex-gangsta. He is a man about that money and in love with his honey, Tara. Tara is studying to become a lawyer and is deeply in love with Antone. These two are a power couple in the making. They understand it is them against the world. 

Ren is a different type of woman. Some would say that she is touched. She has a mental illness and sister says that she needs to stay committed. But it is not her fault at all. You will see that later in the novel it is because of her past. When light is shed on what in her past, resulted in the woman that she is, you will be shocked as. Ren is a woman that will go after what she wants and will do everything and anything in her power to get it. And using sex is not off the table. 

Ren sees Antone for the first time. She wants him so bad and will not take no for an answer. She says that he is the one for her but he does not see that the feeling might not be mutual. Take a ride on the rollercoaster that is called the mind of Ren. See what lengths she will go to get the man of her “dreams”.

AJ Write you did it with this one. I can not believe this chick in this book. She can careless about a happy home and who is her way of making it her happy home. I have never read a book about someone with a mental illness that was fiction. Twists, turns, murders, lies, and all the other foolery in this book make this a must read novel.

This book was reviewed by Patrice.

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