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50 United Authors of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC/ California- Author De'Kari/ Author Khatari



State Nickname: The Golden State

Population: 39,185,605 (as of 2022)

Capital: Sacramento

Fun Fact: California is one of the largest states, and the most economically successful state in the United States, and is one of the most popular places to visit in North America, and indeed the world.

Author De'Kari/ Author Khatari

Tell us about you.

Hello my Author Khatari aka De’Kari. I was born and raised in Northern California. Growing up, I experienced a challenging childhood and I used writing as a way to escape from my surroundings. In addition to writing, I also create poetry, write songs and do artwork. I love spending time with family, reading, fishing, sports and helping others.

I currently write urban fiction but I have started to venture into other genres.

Do you see writing as a kind of spiritual or therapeutic practice?

Yes, I find writing more therapeutic than spiritual because I use it as a way to escape. Putting pencil to paper is a stress reliever and has been away for me to release.

What books helped you the most when you were writing your first book?

I would say every book I read that I enjoyed inspired me to write. That and life experiences inspired me to write my first book.

What advice would you give to help others create plotlines?

When creating plotlines, use what you have from people, life experiences and/or your creativity.

If you wrote a spin-off about a side character, which would you pick?

If I wrote a spin-off of a character it would be Nyomi from my series Dirt Bag because many of my readers have requested to hear more about her life before and after Dirt Bag.

What part of the book was the most fun to write?

I enjoy writing from beginning to end because my books basically write themselves. I enjoy sharing glimpses of myself with my readers and introducing them to my world. 

What do the words “Writer’s block'' mean to you?

For me writer’s block is when my life circumstances interfere with my creativity.

How do you handle literary criticism?

I accept all forms of criticism; it helps me grow into a better author when it’s constructive.

What is the key theme or message in your latest book?

The key theme / message in my latest published book, Straight Beast Mode, San Francisco Under Siege, is the strong survival, strategic thinking and animal instinct. You must do what is necessary to survive.

What would you like to say to your readers?

I would like to fake my readers for all of their support. stay tuned there is more to come. If there’s a way to ask them to inbox me if they want to be added to our email list for updates and I have a paranormal that will be out soon. My first. 

If It’s Meant To Be: Love Shouldn’t Hurt can be purchased on Amazon.

This tale of forbidden love begins when Askari is released from the California's Youth Authority after six long gruesome years. No day on earth has been better than today.... His eighteenth birthday. Not only is he free but he is off all paperwork which means no probation. Not only this, but he has the finest cougar in California on his team. Her name is Anastasia. Life isn't all lovey-dovey for all though.
San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Dickerson, Anastasia's ex-husband gives new meaning to stalking. High tech spying and harassment is only the beginning. When his stalking leads to the attempted murder of Anastasia after Deputy Dickerson violently, physically, and sexually assaults her.
Revenge lands young Askari in jail fighting for his life and his freedom when he nearly kills Deputy Dickerson in public.
The couples love will constantly be tested as Anastasia fights for her life in a hospital while Askari fights for his.
All the while Deputy Dickerson who eluded custody is a fugitive running free. No longer is he out to win his wife back, he’s out for blood as he continues to stalk Anastasia.
The young couple learns firsthand that Love Is Not Supposed To Hurt…..If It’s Meant To Be.

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