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Book Review Alert: It Was Through Her Lips She Spoke…Volume I


Book Review Alert:  It Was Through Her Lips She Spoke…Volume I
Author:  Christina-Mary Seabrook
Published:  June 20, 2021
Publisher:  Christina-Mary Seabrook
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0578918532
Rating:  4 Stars

This book of poetry bears all feelings of all things relatable to a life of pain. The author writes on a very personal note with her words touching the soul of readers. This book speaks of experiences of once being too ashamed and afraid to speak of past hurts, but it was through courage that allowed the poet to take you on a journey of her experiences, growth and the healing process. 

I am impressed with the author’s ability to bear it all. This book was real, raw and to the point. The author painted a vivid picture of her life experiences through words. Her poetry resonated within me, being able to relate to some of the things that she wrote on a personal note. I love that the author’s storytelling is written outside of the box. Her original style is not confined to a cookie-cutter way of writing. The poet writes on subjects that others may be afraid to address and explores on-going barriers in today’s day and age such as the taboo of incest, abuse, and injustices as well as mental health issues. The words from this poet are guaranteed to uplift readers who may be experiencing the hardships of life.  In this book, the poet vows to end the stigmas of being silent along with the stigmas associated with being a survivor of abuse, injustices and mental illness. I most definitely respect the poet’s creativity and I recommend this read.

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