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Book Review Alert: Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Luvs U More by Andrea Clinton

Book Review Alert:
Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Luvs U More 
Author: Andrea Clinton

Published: October 1, 2009

Publisher:  Around the Way Publishing

ISSBN-10: o981837638

ISBN-13: 978-0981837635

ASIN: B003JMELPG (Kindle) 

Rating: 4 staRS

Some may say that Alisa is spoiled and misunderstood. Some may say she is ghetto hood rat; but no one can say she isn’t strong and that she makes hustling her business. Alisa wants the finer things out of life and will use any hustler to obtain it; not taking feelings into consideration or thinking about any danger that may be involved. In order to get with this lady you have to have only one qualification:  a nice bankroll.

Omar is a hustler. Unlike the average hustler, he is for the money but he wants to use hustling as a short term means to a long term goal of a simple future. He is also a Muslim with a very strong belief. Omar has always had a special liking for Alisa but has never crossed that boundary because of the relationship to her brother until today.

Alisa and Omar after meeting have a desire for each other. Almost polar opposites, Alisa wants things quick and easy, living life in the fast lane. On the other hand Omar wants to build a lasting, yet comfortable life without being in the game forever. With two strong people each deeply entrenched in having their own way which, if any, desire will win?

This novel is not like other typical African American fiction street novels. In many cases it cannot be considered a street novel at all. The author, Andrea Clinton, in no way glamorizes the street game, but uses it as a background element to bring forth the true meaning of this book; change and love. With so many surprises surrounding these two characters many slow moments are overlooked.

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