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Book Review Alert: Seven Days Seven Nights: More Skeletons Revealed

Book Review Alert: Seven Days Seven Nights: More Skeletons Revealed

Author: L’Mignon

Published: June 29, 2011

Publisher: n/a

ISBN-10: n/a

ISBN-13: n/a

ASIN: B0059XE6O4

Rating: 5 stars

It’s the day that all girls wait for. Pretty white dress, friends and family, and the man of their dreams. But on this day, everything is at the church except the bride-to-be. McKenzie Johnson decided that the man at the altar that she has been in a long up and down engagement with is not the man that she wants to marry. So she decides to not go on with it but to take a 7 day and 7 night cruise with Adair, the stripper from her bachelorette party.

When McKenzie takes upon this cruise with Adair she sees it as a chance to not think about what the past year has brought about her, but to just have fun and enjoy herself. All that starts to change however as the emotional connection and sexual desire between her and Adair becomes too much to handle. Seven Days and seven nights have come and gone and it is time to face the real world again.

McKenzie now has to deal with the consequences of leaving Milton at the altar with no warning except a letter. Will she forget about the time that she spent with Adair and try to give her relationship with the man she once loved another try or will she move on and find a new love with a new man?

L’Mignion has knocked another book out of the park. I was hooked on this book from day one. Seven Days and Seven Nights picked right up from where her debut novel, Skeletons in the Closet, left off. A plus is that the reader does not necessarily have to read the first novel to be able to understand this novel. The author gives McKenzie a “real woman’s mind” as well a realistic character with all the emotions included.

This book was a very fast paced, action, and sexually packed novel. Again well done!!!

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