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Book Review Alert: Beautiful Disasters by Dawn Jaspers

Book Review Alert: Beautiful Disasters 
Author: Dawn Jaspers
Published: June 8, 2011
Publisher:  Pink Kiss Publishing Company
ISBN-10: 0983575649
ISBN-13:  978-0983575641
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by: Patrice "SCBookGal843" Grimball

Anika Conners is a woman born from hurt and pain. Her conception was that of rape from a whiteman in a small town in South Carolina where racism still looms. She is determined to get even with the man that took her mother’s life, but the question is will she get back at the right man. Along this journey of her revenge, she also plans on making a pit stop to get back at her half sister; Lisa. She is doing this to her sister to make sure that she does not receive her part of the inheritance left by their father. So Anika makes it a point to let everyone know her sister’s true secret.

Akina also has a strong sexual craving. While falling in love with Tatyana Simmons she was unknowingly sleeping with Tatyana’s husband, David Walters who is in in love with her. But she wants none of them after a chance meeting with an old friend from high school, Eric. The passion between Eric and Anika starts off as just that passion but the passion is turning into love. But Anika is not ready for true love or is she?

So many sub stories that are linked to one story is what I can sum up the concept of this book to be and Dawn Jasper could have not done this better. There was at no point where I was confused about any of the plot lines. The Author gave this character the hurt and pain that any person in this situation would feel. The book has such a smooth flow that it was finished in one day. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out.

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