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Author Profile: Author Iesha Bree

Meet Author Iesha Bree

Tell us about yourself. 
    If you haven't read a novel by Iesha Bree, you can expect to read about bold independent women and Smooth, Charming Men ready to mend broken hearts. Each novel penned to heal and show each woman they're worthy of love.
I am currently a self published author, Cover Designer, and reader. I have been reading all types of books by many different authors for years and I just love the idea of love so I decided I should share what I dream and hope to have someday! I'm also a military brat, so I always have this itch to travel to a new place that's another one of my passions.​

Tell us about your latest book.
    My latest book was Heated which is the final book in the Newton Family Series! This book really tested me as an author because I had to take a character who looked unredeemable and make him a book bae! Let’s just say I had my work cut out for me after all the mess he pulled in Strummed, but by the end of the book I was extremely pleased with his character, and he became one of my favorites. This book shows growth in current relationships and budding relationships!

Are there therapeutic benefits to modeling a character after someone you know? 
    think it helps to make the characters have more depth because you’ve spend a lot of time with the person. One of the books I wrote, Unlove Me, I wrote that after my first heartbreak and I poured everything into it. So I guess it did help release any sadness since I posed the terrible ex as my actual ex at the time.
What part of the book did you have the hardest time writing? 
In Heated, I honestly enjoyed every part of that book. But, spoiler alert if you haven’t read Heated it’s a part in the book that covers Postpartum depression. I found that to be a little difficult because I’ve never had children but I’ve been around people who have experienced it. But, ultimately I had mothers reach out to me and said they loved that touch so I couldn’t have done too bad.

What are common traps for new authors? 
    I think comparison is the biggest trap, hopefully I am answering this correctly! Never compare yourself to anyone else because those are the things that cause writers block and self doubt.

At what time of the day do you do most of your writing?
    Since I am a graphic designer as well as an author, I don’t have a specific time I write. I just try to squeeze it in where I can. But if I am free from my projects, I love an early morning session when everyone else is asleep.

What’s your writing software of choice? 
    I am a big Dabble girl! I absolutely love it. You can have multiple windows open at one time so I truly appreciate that.

What book (or books) are you currently reading? 
    It’s hard for me to read while writing but when Shvonne Latrice and a few others drop books I make time so I am reading her most recent book The Marriage Favor.

If you could be mentored by a famous author, who would it be? 
    I would definitely choose Brenda Jackson, her longevity is something to aspire for, Not to mention her books are just so good.

What would you like to say to your readers? 
    I just want to thank them for being patient and showing me continuously why I write! Also, the next release is going to be something special!

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