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Book Review Alert: Chocolate Ain't Always Sweet by Jas Jamieson

Book Review Alert: Chocolate Ain't Always Sweet 
Author: Jas Jamieson
Published: April 4, 2008
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 9781434307583
ASIN: n/a
Rating: 2 stars
Rated by Patrice 

    One night can change a lifetime.

    Ervin McNair is a successful businessman who  is known to have his way with women. Sarah Prescott has moved to California to start a brand new life with her Aunt Etta.

     After a one night encounter, the lives of Sarah and Ervin will never be the same. Sara has a secret that she is determined to take to her grave, but after an attack at work that dream almost stays true. Now the secret that she is supposed to take to her grave is out in the open. How long will this secret stay a secret? And what does Mr. McNair and this one night encounter have to do with Sarah.

     The synopsis on the back of the book has very little to do with the book. It was very misleading. In a way to me the book seems incomplete. It was very hard to pay attention. I felt like it was long and drawn out on the parts where it could have been straightforward and to the point. On the flipside it was very short were it would have been better if more information was given on that section or part.  There were clues that were missing and if they had been included in the novel I would have given it a higher rating.

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