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Book Review Alert: Coveted by Mychea

Book Review Alert: Coveted
Author:  Mychea
Published: January 29, 2010
Publisher: Lyrehc Publications 
ISBN-10: 0615316816
ISBN-13: 978-0615316819
Rating: 5 stars

Keep your friends close because they can become your worst enemy.

Namia has everything that any woman can ask for: money, clothes, cars, and two beautiful kids. She has everything but the true love of her husband. Because her husband cannot be faithful, she feels she has to seek love elsewhere. Will she rethink her decision or will she be forced in the hands of another?

Kaden is the husband of Naima. This sexy NFL star feels that he is God’s gift and can have anything or anyone he wants. He is cheating with someone that is a little too close to home. When Kaden is caught will he and this mystery person receive the forgiveness that they need and want?

Amber and Damir have been in a rollercoaster relationship for quite some time. Damir is at a point where he wants to let it all go and find true love. Amber has invested a lot of time into Damir and will not let him go without a good fight. A huge change is in store for this couple. Will this change force Damir to rethink his decision or will Amber lose the love of her life?

Will any of these relationships work out despite all the problems that are around? Who is Emeri and what does she have to do with everyone?

Covented is drama from the first page. To be a debut novel, the storyline, details, and interaction of the characters are on the level of a seasoned, certain, author. At times, you will get confused but the author makes sure that the reader understands the relationships and all the connections of the character. Mychea also is very talented to keep the readers wondering about the next action.

Review by: Patrice "SCBookGal 843" Grimball 

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