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Author Profile: Jannet M. Slade-Bulter/ Book Giveaway


Jannet M. Slade-Butler

Tell us about yourself.

    I am an Author, Writer and Poet, Motivational Speak, Educator, and Mother. My name is none other than Jannet M. Slade-Butler, published author of 4 books and crafter of various skillsets. I’m a native of Isle of Wight County and graduate of Smithfield High School, class of ’89! Raised on a farm in Ivor, Virginia. I published my first book in 2018 with 3 subsequent titles to follow, last of 4 publishings in 12/2022. My passions are spending time with my daughter, writing and crafting.

Tell us about your featured book. 

    Book 1: Memoirs of the Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul -taps at your heart strings, have you smiling like a mischievous kid, all while feeding your soul treasures that wealth can’t measure!

    Book 2: Shhhh! Don't Tell It Al... l Just Some of It! - is a follow-up to her smash debut novel: Memoirs of The Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul pushing the reader deeper into her poems, with a perfect play on words that tease and arouses all aspects of one’s poetic reading pallet!

    Book 3: Quote Me! From My Mind and Heart! - is me sharing things grandma those things with you. Knowing that tears will always dry, laughter is the joyful echo of the soul, and self-love should always be worn like your favorite sweater is the simplest yet most needed things a person should have in their lives journey.

    Book 4: Confessions From The Heart - Thought provoking poetry that will have you deep in your feeling with tears washing down your face, act a wide smile of joy! But WAIT did you know this book is a family affair of poetry?

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

    I tend to write in mood formation. Mood formation is whatever I feel or think gets written down in raw form. I also tend to get hung up on ensuring my writing truly speaks to me, the author! I love playing with words to see how they mesh together and marinate in the space to get the readers’ attention in dramatic ways.

When did you start writing?

    I started writing around the age of 8, but really homed in on the craft when I turned 18. This is when life really began to blossom for me.

What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

    The most difficult part of writing for me is finding an ending, a good place to stop or conclude my writing. My mind flows with words faster than my fingers move on the keyboard or can stroke the paper with my pen.

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

    When I write I tend to get lost in a world all of its own. Time slips away from me as I journey into both known and unknown terrains. Just as quick as I spiral down the rabbit hole in writing I can put my pen down allowing it to rest for days and sometimes months at a time. I can work a 10 hour day and still come home wanting to write.

What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?

    The most surprising thing about writing my books is how quickly I can finish and move on to the next. I published 4 books in a span of 4 years, all while working full-time as an educator, being a mother to my daughter, and yet still find time to pamper myself! It surprised me how connected I was/am to my work, I still get choked up on rereading some of my work.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

    I enjoy spending time with my daughter, walking on the beach, taking nature walks and hiking. I also enjoy crafting, building things and creating artwork with various mediums, and attending historical and poetry events!

Do you have a library membership?

    Yes, my library membership is with Newport News Public Libraries, located in Newport News Virginia. My books are also cataloged in all 3 of the libraries as well!

What would you like to say to your readers?

    To my readers I say, enjoy the journey of life and remember to stop and smell the roses along the way. Live YOUR life in your true authentic spirit, leaving no door unopened and no opportunity wasted! Readers you are the writer of your autobiography, ask yourself what will my pages reveal?

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‘Shhhh! Don’t Tell It All… Just Some Of It’ is Author Jannet Butler’s follow up to her smash debut poetry novel, ‘Memoirs of the Heart~Mind~Soul’.

Jannet’s latest poetic muse pushes the reader deeper into her poems, pulling them out as they realize ‘Shhhh! Don’t Tell It All… Just Some Of It’ is a perfect play on words that teases and they can’t get enough of it!

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