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Author Profile: Natalie Harvey

Natalie Harvey

Tell us about yourself. 

    I am a 41-year-old new author from Brooklyn, NY. I am also a mother of two young men. I'm a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor and I am currently a Breast Cancer fighter. I have many hats that I wear.

Tell us about your featured book.  

    My book is called Natalia's Words of Wisdom, Finding my Way, Volume 1 is my first self-published book. It took me 12 years to finally bring it together. It is a collection of creative writing pieces that deal with various things that we deal with in life.

How do you do research for your books? 

    This actually started as a blog. I experienced the death of my fiancé in 2011 and that was how this came to life. Whenever I felt like I needed to release any stress or anxiety that I was experiencing, I just started to write.

How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader? 

    I think about what if I were in the reader's shoes. I start to think about whether that person may also feel what I am feeling but probably don't know how to express their thoughts. Or the reader might feel that they are the only ones dealing with a certain situation. What I do is I start by asking a question then I draw them in with the words that I use to make them realize that I have been where they are and I understand.

How long does it take you to write a book? 

    So far with this first book, it took me 12 years. I have started my second book, but that may also take a little longer because it is about my journey as a cancer survivor.

How do books get published? 

    For me, because I am self-published, it took me a while to decide on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. I had to thoroughly research which was the best route for me. I felt that was self-publishing. Would I do traditional publishing in the future? I am sure that I will eventually

Do you feel an author should also be a reader? 

    I absolutely feel that an author should be a reader. That is the first step.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer? 

    My mentor Rolanda Pyle has been an author for as long as I can remember and was the person to realize that I had this gift in me.

What does literary success look like to you? 

    For me literary success looks like reaching the world with my stories. Especially single mothers who have the aspiration to write but aren't sure how to go about it. I want to assist with helping them find their voice and using it.

What would you like to say to your readers? 

    Thank you for your support. Live out your dreams and be unapologetically you!

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