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Author Profile: Yolanda Y. Everett, BA., MA

 Yolanda Y. Everett

Tell us about yourself.
    Yolanda Yvette Everett is an astounding mentor and motivational speaker. Her passion is to Empower, Encourage, Excite, Ignite youth, especially young ladies, to pursue who they are and their career dreams. She is the Founder and CEO of Ladies With Purpose Foundation, a non-profit organization whose vision is “To Enhance the Quality of Life for Young Ladies”. Yolanda graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, with a double BA Degree in Psychology and Criminology. She furthered her education and received her MA Degree in Criminology with an emphasis in Statistical Criminal Behavior. Continuing on her education, she attended Southwestern School of Law. The Lord had other plans instead of being an Attorney, but not before receiving several certifications. Yolanda applied and was accepted into the Los Angeles School of Ministry and Theological Seminary received several certification and licenses as a in Christian Counselor and Pastoral Care.   
Mrs. Everett accepted the call to ministry in 1987.and was ordained as Associate Pastor at Koinonia Community Church of Riverside, California in 2000.  
    Pastor Yolanda was married on February 13, 2016 to her soul mate Jamil “Honey” Everett. She and her husband are current active members of This Rock International Ministries. The two are authors of several books, one being From Brokenness To Wholeness, by which they have organized a ministry with the same name. 

Tell us about your featured book. 

    My featured book is Ladies With Purpose. This book has some extraordinary women telling their stories. After reading you will feel encouraged, you will feel blessed, and know that God is always with you and will get you through any situation no matter what the circumstance. The women in this book are courageous and we are more than conquerors and women of strength. These women show and tell us how to get over challenges and defeat any giants that try to stop you from being where God wants you to be.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
    As a used in junior high school, I always wrote, because that was a comfort place for me.   As I got older, I thought some of my righties were corny and just placed them in a folder. I never thought of myself as an author, even though in 2012, I went to a church and a profit called before, and told me that there were multiple books in my hand and multiple platforms, including a radio show and provision will be provided for me.
After I met my husband and we talked about writing a book together and this is how it all started and doors have opened for me, and so now I have accepted the clarion call to be an author.

What comes first, the plot or characters?
    Oh my books are non-fictional and the characters are true so I believe the characters would come forth because it is due their life struggles life, challenges, and life successes that the plot of purpose and destiny comes forth.

Tell us about your first published book? 
    My first published book was from “Brokenness to wholeness: God will turn your broken pieces into his masterpiece.”
Being a FaceTime author, this is not only challenging but scary. I excepted the first publishing company that returned my call which was the first mistake. It’s always good to get multiple calls with publishing companies in to see what all they have to offer.
    However, I did not know that at that time we were out of thousands of dollars and when we receive the finished product it was not grammatically correct nor did they do editing in which we paid for and not only do that every year in till this day which is 2023 they are requesting additional funds. Needless to say I do not use that company anymore and have not used them since 2015.
    This was a hard course for us to take we were confused we were exhausted we felt really bad. This was a journey that I guess we had to take an order to learn from our mistakes, but we also want to tell other future authors to also learn from our mistakes, do you research investigate the publishing company that you wish to work on your projects make sure they have your best interest at heart and not just their wallets.

What book is currently on your bedside table?
    Currently, I am reading a book called the Bait of Satan. 

Do you believe that an author should be a reader?  
    Yes definitely. You can’t be a good ride with that being an active reader. You can’t be a good writer without being a devoted reader, I am active reader it actually kinda go hand-in-hand. You can glean experience, expertise, encouragement, and empowerment from being a leader, and this will blow over into your ability to write. If you’re not interested in reading how are you be interested in writing because she must read what you write.

Favorite book/story you have read as an adult.
    From This Day Forward by Gaty Groeschel

What was your dream job when you were younger? 
    My dream job was to be a criminal psychologist because I wanted to help the bad guy to understand what he did was bad.(my literal thought as a child/youth)

What would you like to say to your readers?
    Always know that there is strength in the struggle and that you can overcome anything and everything that you put your mind to including when they are brain freezes and you cannot seem to process the situation at you and you can make it you can do anything you set your mind to do

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