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Book Review Alert: Dying for Success by Garrick Wade

Book Review Alert: Dying for Success 

Author: Garrick Wade

Published: May 24, 2011

Publisher:  AddisonCraft

ASBN: B0052O49P6

Rating: 3 stars

Reviewed by: Patrice "SCBookGal843" Grimball

Deandra has two main dreams in life. Her first is to be the best parent to her young daughter and the second is to be a famous dancer. When trying to achieve her goals she meets a young, sexy, man by the name of Kwame. At first, he was just a sexy face that she could not get her mind off, and then with a second chance meeting while shopping, he becomes a man of interest. She has a feeling that she has met Kwame at another place in her life. Is Kwame the man to give her the motivation to pursue her dream? In addition, where does she know Kwame from? Is there drama in the future for this new couple?

Kwame is a very successful man. He wants for nothing. He meets Deandra and is very smitten by her. He falls in love with this around the way girl. Kwame is dealing with a situation from his past, that will greatly affect the relationship with Deandra. Will this situation resolve itself with love or will there have to be bloodshed to bring there union together?

Daniel aka Fresh, is and up and coming player in the game. He loves the world of money, cars, and girls. One night changes the life of this want-to-be player . A family is murdered and a close relative of the decreased has now sent out a hit on the person who did the deed. Daniel’s girlfriend who happens to be pregnant. How will Daniel deal with everything that is going on? Will the love for money be his downfall? Is blood thicker then water when he has to choose being between the street life and the love of his sister and having a new baby

Starting very slow in the beginning but leading to a much thrown together ending. From the readers standpoint seems the author was going one way with this story then decided to go another angle. Some parts of the book gets you hooked to the action that is going on but the next thing that happens in the story places you into left field and leaves the reader wondering where did that come from. I wish the author would have given more interaction with the main plot of the character. I say it is a good read, but if the author had taken out some parts of the books that seem to be just “fluff”, it would have been a great read.

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