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Book Review Alert: Blood of My Brother by Zoe and Yusuf Woods

Book Review Alert: Blood of My Brother 
Author: Zoe and Yusuf Woods
Published: September 30, 2007
Publisher:  RJ Publications
ISBN-10: 0978637313
ASBN: B0042P5F36
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by: Patrice "SCBookGal843" Grimball

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Roc knows all about the game because that is his life. Roc wants better for his little brother, Lil Mac, and has made it a life goal to keep him away from the streets. That was his goal but his brother had other ideas. Unknown to Roc, Lil Mac is the creator of the Get Money Click. You can say that the motto of this group is by any means necessary. Roc and his crew prepare for battle with the Get Money Click. Roc wants to get out of the game but how can he leave knowing that this new Get Money Click is taking over and the crew is not getting money anymore. How can he leave the people that helped him create his empire? So Roc goes to battle one more time still not knowing that the person he is battling is his little brother. Who will spill blood first? Will Roc find out that the person that he is fighting is his flesh and blood before it is too late?

I have to give these book 3 stars. Blood of my Brothers started off very slow. Not being able to grab the attention of the reader until the middle of the book is not a good thing. Zoe and Yusuf Woods have a great storyline but it is lost in the first half of the book. If these authors spent a little more time at the beginning of the book the rating would have been more than three stars. Once in the middle of the book the flow goes very quickly to the end. The ending of the book leads greatly into the next novel.

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