Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Book Review Alert: Stop!


Book Review Alert: Stop! 

Author: Colleen Williams

Publishing Date: March 2020

Publisher: Shar-Shey Publishing Company


Rating: 5 stars


Stop tells the raw truth of Colleen William’s life story. She has endured sexual abuse and domestic violence by the people she once loved and trusted. After years of being knocked down, she finally made a decision to stop and do something. She put pen to paper, using her power and perseverance to pour it out. Stop will take you on an emotional rollercoaster where you can feel her pain, and some may even be able to put themselves in her place.  Come take a ride with her and see how this young woman turned her pain into power. You have to make peace with your past to have a successful future.  We all have stories to tell and this is mines.

This is a touching, emotional, and in every sense very raw memoir. It is a detailed account of the author’s experience and survival of abuse from a number of abusers, from pre-teen to adulthood. While this may seem like hard reading, I personally found it very insightful, and took away valuable lessons about self-worth and ‘red flags’, when it comes to relationships that could potentially become abusive. Even as a reader that has never walked in the same shoes the author has, I saw the message, understood it, and then quickly started to admire the author’s bravery. Firstly, for turning her life around, secondly, for being brave enough to write the memoir. There are some very shocking events the author shares surrounding past relationships, which highlighted the length abusers will go to when it comes to control. It pulled on my heart strings yes, but I was turning the pages very quickly! 

The writing style was easy to follow, personal and natural. I really felt as though the author was conversing directly with me, I liked this. Within the personal accounts and story-telling of the author’s personal journey, are a number of beautiful and frank poems. I loved them and found them touching.

Overall, enjoyed the emotional journey as a reader, I recommend this book to every woman who has or is currently in an abusive relationship to help with healing and moving forward. I also recommend it for anyone who has not experienced this, but has an interest in subject matter. Five stars from me, a touching memoir that is well worth a read.

(Reviewed by Kim)

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