Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Book Review Alert: Zortega's Qualum and the Shadow Walker


Book Review Alert: Zortega's Qualum and the Shadow Walker 

Author: Lagina Weaver & Darryl Johnson

Kindle Edition

Published: February 29, 2020

Publisher: Luniverse Inc.


Rating: 4 stars


Zortega and the other council members are in danger. Deveraux feels that he has to do something about it. Deveraux, Anthony, and Harley have to get on it. While on the earth Dev and all others are attacked. Damage has been done and now the war is on the horizon. Dev use. Magical powers fight until the job is down. But will the job get done?


To not be an individual who reads fantasy,I must say this was a very smooth read. A book that anyone in the family can read and enjoy. The storyline is moving and understandable. Dev’s development as a character complements the storyline of the book. It is like the character was created and then the story. 

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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