Monday, February 8, 2021

Book Review Alert: Amanda (A Golden Jewelry)

Book Review Alert: Amanda (A Golden Jewelry)

Author:  John Amarachukwu Ezeakanihu

Published:  N?A

Publisher: N/A

ISBN-13: N/A


Rating: 5 stars

The book begins with the wonderful characterization of Amanda herself. We learn about her likes and dislikes her, the people she knows and loves and the way that the mother watches over her daily with unconditional love. We are brought into the presence of the family as they sit down to eat and prepare for the attending of school the next day. She begins school and is a fantastic student. She enjoys her teacher and adores her classmates. An incident occurred that shows that Amanda’s character is outstanding. As a young girl, it was a very nice thing to do. Eventually Amanda has to go to another class. She is older and is reading and growing fast. She is a favorite in her calls and graduates with accolades. Amanda is a great gift to the people she knows, exhibiting kindness and consideration to those she comes in contact with. She is always helpful and giving. She loves to see others smile and tries to make sure that there is a reason for someone to do so in her presence. When she is not around, she is missed. Her parents are very proud of her and the things that she does both at home and at school. I gave it such a high rating because it is the example of how we should train our children to be and how they should conduct themselves in the home, in school, and in the community at large. We are to be productive citizens in our sphere and Amanda was the epitome of a good girl. Her parents raised her up well and her upbringing shows how she is brought up at home. I am proud of Amanda and how she goes forth in life, beginning early to impact lives of the people around her. I was glad to be a reader of this book and hated that it was over, wanting to see where Amanda went in life.

(Reviewed by Stephanie)

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