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Book Review Alert: The Road to Success In Life

Book Review Alert: The Road to Success In Life
Author: Michael Maliele
Published:  December 25, 2016
Publisher: Kindle Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1539765011
Rating: 3 stars

The book was about Michael’s Road to his personal success, with the details of where he began and what he went through and when he actually found success. The author gave specific accounts of each and every struggle he faced on his road to success. The book was a little difficult to follow and understand in the beginning, but towards the middle of the book it got a little easier to follow and understand. When he writes, he talks about everything and how it made him feel. From reading this book you can always tell who the key people are in his life. This author is very open about events and writes them in chronological order as they happen. Although the writing style of the author was different, you could understand where he is going if you read slowly and paid close attention. The things that I liked about the book are the events mentioned are ones that do happen to many people and its reality. Some of those events are the ones that helped Michael grow as a person. Overall the book is a good read for someone who likes reading different genres of books that have you feeling for the characters in the story. 

My feeling of the book is that it would be great for someone who likes to read books that makes them feel the author's story as if it were theirs. Also, the focus is on the struggles and pains of life. He is a very open book about his religion, family, friends, and strangers that he meets. I would not have chosen a book that the authors made the book difficult to read until the middle of the story. It wasn’t until the end of the story he received what he needed. Maybe I am too critical about this book and the way it was written. I suggest that the author write using a little less details and more generalizations.
(Reviewed by Felicia)

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