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Book Review Alert: The Destroyer

Book Review Alert: The Destroyer

Author: KR Bankston

Published: April 5, 2020

Publisher: Kirabaco Publishing 


Rating: 5 stars

What do you get when you have a serial killer with a conscience? Well you have the latest novel by KR Bankston entitled The Destroyer. A community is devastated by a serial killer that is out to make those that are entangled in a web of lies and deceit. He/She is determined to bring their transgressions to light.  Exodus is a God-fearing man that learned at a young age that it is not a good idea to disobey God. He takes his conviction very seriously and makes sure he lives by. That is hard to do since he is in love with Petra and wants to make love to her. Shall he wait or will he give in? Walter and Lorene have been married for sometime but what happens to this couple when one is no longer in love with the other. Tim and Henrietta have been married for years and both attend the same church where Tim is on the usher board. Something mysterious happens to Tim. Where is he and what has happened to him? Moses and Brody are detectives on the case of the serial killer but things come a little too close to home for one of them. Who and why?  Ronald and Faith have a secret that they are hiding from Miranda. Will this secret destroy their family and what does it have to do with everyone else in this small but very sinful circle? George, Josefina, Jeremiah, Charles, Salena, Stacey, Carmela, and Daruis all play a huge role in this book but if I continue to tell you I would be giving the book away. Let's put it like this: reading this book placed the fear of God in me. I  BECAUSE I NEVER WANT TO MEET THE DESTROYER!!! 

KR Bankston you are a bad mutha- shut my mouth. This book was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! Like OMG the twist, turns, lies, plot changes, the what the hell moments are all throughout this book. The character development was that of a season author. It was smooth to read. Many spots had me saying ok I feel that I need to remember this and then you read a little further and realize ok that is why I needed to remember that. Now I am a girl that loves a good sex scene but I am so thankful that there were some but not much which was good for this novel. The little community setting of the novel was one that I could really sit back and imagine as I read the book. I could see the coffee shop that was around the corner from the church but right down the street from the houses that the characters live in. A girl of mystery that I am not but this book is the book that changed my thought pattern. Thank you KR Bankston for this soon to be bestseller that needs to be turned into a BET/ Lifetime/ Aspire indie movie. 

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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