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Book Review Alert: Can’t Let Go

Book Review Alert: Can’t Let Go

Author: Donna Michelle Ramos

Published: Oct 14, 2020

Publisher: Donatella Publishing Company

ISBN-13: B08L8F23C5

Rating: 3

Can’t Let Go is an interracial love story between a white man named Shane and a black woman named Shauna. Shane has been interested in Shauna for what seems like forever, but being a faithfully married woman she never bothered to look his way. Shane longs for her from a distance believing that they will forever be destined to just be friendly coworkers, but things take a change in Shane’s favor when fate changes Shauna’s relationship status from married to divorced. From the moment they get together their relationship is an up and down emotional rollercoaster filled with disloyalty, racial discriminations, and heartbreak. Jump into this book for the ride.

I gave this book a 3, because there were quite a few grammatical errors. Some parts I needed to reread a couple times in order to understand what the author was saying. That really broke the flow of the overall story. Also, there were some parts that the author chose to skip over that I wish were explained in more detail, and on the other side there were some things that the author went into depth about that I felt could have been skipped. Overall, the book was decent, but the ending was very disappointing to me. I wished it ended a different way, because I felt that the main character deserved better. It also needs to have an editor take a second look, because some of the grammatical issues were very distracting. I would still recommend this book, because I think it’s best if you read it for yourself and come up with your own opinion too.

(Reviewed by Chantel)

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