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Book Review Alert: I Am What You See

Book Review Alert: I Am What You See

Author: Shante Reed

Published: September 26, 2020 

Publisher: Independently 


Rating: 5 stars

Poetry, Christ, and self empowerment is found in between the pages of I Am What You See. Shante Reed writes poetry on how her self confidence grew to make her the woman that she is today. She shows how the love that Christ has given to her brought her from a place no one should be.

If I had to pick my two favorite poems in this novel it would be I Am Because Of You and Push. I is a poem praising Christ for what he has done for her. How he has brought her from a mighty long way, as the old mother's of a Pentecostal church would say. 

The second poem Push is a female's anthem. It should be made into a song. Something that sets a tune for a change that will happen in someone’s heart if they truly comment on a change or want a change in their life.


(Reviewed by Patrice )

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