Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Book Review Alert: The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir

Book Review Alert: The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir

Author: Aimee Larson
Published: January 17, 2021
Publisher: Aimee Larson
ISBN-13: 978-1736497500
Rating: 5 

Author Aimee Larson is an author and a poet who has written a memoir regarding
mental health. However, the writer has not always been good with writing, the
pronunciation of words, or the subject of English in general. In her memoir, she
discusses the impact of mental health on her family going back as far as her
grandparents; her paternal grandfather, who was an abusive alcoholic believed to be
suffering from PTSD, and maternal grandmother, who was an alcoholic narcissist. Back
in the day it was universally known that mental health issues were not discussed nor
were you to seek out for professional help. She discloses that her father, brother, as well
as herself has suffered from mental illness. She also discusses her bouts with mental
illness and how it has impacted her life negatively growing up leading up to her adult

First and foremost, the author was very courageous in sharing her story. What can I say?
This was an exhilarating read! I absolutely loved the author's writing style, which was
indeed unique and raw. I loved that she was able to incorporate poetry into this novel. I
was pleased that her father finally agreed to receiving help, which improved his quality
of life. I was also happy to read that Aimee came to terms with her mental illness and
termed her symptoms “armadillo mode”. I’m sure many people who may read this book
would be able to relate to this terminology as people suffering from mental illness tend
to shut themselves off from society, as an armadillo may tuck away into its shell. In the
memoir, the author was able to finally start loving herself more by making positive
decisions for her life, whether it made her uncomfortable in the beginning or not. This
was a pure example of stepping out of your comfort zone, or in her case, coming out of
her armadillo shell. I was happy to read that with all of her awkwardness she was able to
find true love and develop a true support system. I would recommend this read and give
it ten stars if I could. The author also wrote in her memoir that she plans to write more.
I would gladly read more from this author.

(Reviewed by Kelva)

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