Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Yasmine and Romeo: A Valentine’s Day Short

Book Review Alert: Yasmine and Romeo: A Valentine’s Day Short

Author: Talena Tillman

Published: January 30, 2021

Publisher: n/a


Rating: 5 stars

Enter the life of Ms. Yasmine. Just left a bad relationship to go home with her tail in between her legs back to mommy and daddy.  Time flies and we meet our main character again but this time she meets Dr. Pierce aka Mr. Gynecologist aka Romeo. This short, sweet, and steamy novel will take you on the ride to discover the  love of Ms. Yasmine and Mr. Romeo. They go from intimate dates to putting exs in their place. I promise you, you will feel some type of way after reading this novel.  

WHY WHY WHY???? How could you leave me this way. I want to know what happened. I am sitting here writing this review feeling like a kid: where as someone just took my favorite toy while the playing was getting good. A great book shot. A book that is just enough to get you through the day.  Tillman you did that with this book. And the sex scene…. Look here. Girl you had me feeling some type of way. Too hot to handle. Please keep me informed when your next installment comes out.

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