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Book Review Alert: The Many Facets of A. Starr: Purifying Thoughts


Book Review Alert: The Many Facets of A. Starr: Purifying Thoughts

Author: Amelia Isom

Published: November 15, 2019

Publisher: Amelia Isom

ISBN-13: 978-1647136864


Rating: 3.5 stars

We all know that growing up is hard, but what if you have been dealt a bad hand. What do you do? Meet Amelia. One of the prettiest names but that is a far road from the way she grew up. In the book The Many Facets of A. Starr, Amelia begins by telling us about her mother’s (Carol) upbringing. She talks about foster parents that raised her, Estelle and Samuel, and the relationship Carol had with them. At times smooth and rocked but overall you can see that the hand that dealt to Carol was then passed down to her. Isom was determined that she was going to do better and in this book I was rooting for her every moment. 

She has many disappointments including her mother doing her wrong during the most important period in her life to her husband cheating on her while she was pregnant. In each trial she overcomes. I wanted to have more information on how you overcame the situations she was in, especially with the death of her mother. Even though her mother did her wrong you can tell that the wound of losing her was way worse than she portrays in the book. Me as the reader wanted her to peel back the bandage and bleed a little for the readers. I feel that would have given this book a little more meat.

The cover is the topping on the cake. It gives the feel of what this novel is about. Thank you for taking the time into finding a cover that is pertaining or speaks for the novel.

(Reviewed by Patrice)

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