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Book Review Alert: An Orman's Revenge

Book Review Alert:  An Orman's Revenge: Truson S.E.T. series 
(The Truson S.E.T. Series Book 1) 
Author:  Dominique Gibson
Published:  January 6, 2019
Publisher:  Dominique Gibson 
ISBN-10 : 1732957428
ISBN-13 : 978-1732957428
Rating:  4 

Book Summary

Ford Mayfield, is an educator at the Truson School. He is also an orman, which is a hybrid being that is half orca and half human. The students at the Truson school were also ormans, better known as shapeshifters, that Ford Mayfield taught how to survive on their own after the effects of the Animan Three-Hundred injection; A potion that mixes dead human and animal DNA in order to create hybrids. This injection was crucial in the creation of the ormans as it was a formula created by Dr. Madison to bring victims back to life after death. All of the ormans lived on the Island of Truson. Ford Mayfield was given an assignment by Dr. Madison to watch over and train the new orman, Mandy Stevenson. Mandy was washed up on the shore of Truson and was brought back to life as a hybrid orman. However, she does not remember anything about her past life. During this period, Ford is faced with dealing with his past as well as his future. Would Mandy be the missing link?

Overall Feeling of The Novel  

The author was very imaginative in creating the Truson Island as well as the hybrid characters. In the beginning of the novel, she even listed terms that she created and their meanings that the reader will see throughout the book to gain a better understanding of the story. I felt that the novel had a good plot and was easy to follow. One thing that I would have liked to read more about was how Dr. Madison was killed being that she was an integral part of the shapeshifters’ creation. In the story, one could assume that members of the transforments were the cause of Dr. Madison’s demise, however, it wasn’t clear in the novel. It also appeared at some point in the book, Stin’s character was questionable. You would have to read the novel to see what I am speaking of; no spoilers! I’m pleased with the ending of the story. I’m curious to know, how many books will be in this series?

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