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Patrice & Friends Meet Anjunette L. Washington.

Anjunette L. Washington

Patrice and Friends had the chance to chat it up with DC author Anjunette L. Washington. Washington told us that she loves to garden; fresh vegetables and flowers.  She is a lover of coffee like I am. She is also an accountant by profession, part-time writer, and has a passion for music. Take a journey into the world of Anjunette L. Washington.

What are your favorite books? 
            I read from many genres but as of late. I have embraced new authors starting out. They typically write their memoirs, poetry and spoken word. However, I am drawn to suspense, mystery and crime novels because if at all. I enjoy reading characters escaping getting out of bad situations. 

How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?  
            My book (s) will be on all platforms because I have to accommodate many readers and their chosen way to escape through reading. I find that readers are not wired the same. There are readers that prefer hardback, eBooks and now audio books so my goal is to accommodate as much as I can.

What does literary success look like to you?
            In event that your goal is to possibly make movies or become a speaker then align yourself with those that can help you. Many writers will not see the cinema or be in front of an audience but they still have a story to be told.

What’s the best way you market your books?
            Due to the corona-virus the process is taking a little longer. Ideally marketing can be used in several ways.  Writers can express themselves on social media, websites, digital newspapers but I find word of mouth trumpets all. 

If you could choose any actor to play Forester Davidson, who would it be and why?
            Forester starts out as a modest little boy that grows up during harsh times. I am not really sure who could portray his character but it would be a question that I would ask my readers. I have read when writers post questions and some of the responses are well thought out.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?
            Reviewers are extremely honest all writers want to read decent/fair reviews about their finished work. Needless to say, I have had a few bad ones so my goal is then to read what was stated. Typically, I’ve discovered that the reviewers that had bad things to say did not complete the book or do not like the genre so why pick it up? Authors make sure that the reviewer that is critiquing you written work enjoys the genre that you are writing under.

You could co-write with any author, who would it be? And what would be the genre? 
            I have always wanted to co-author with a writer. Two separate mindsets will be loads of fun and the genre would be suspense. Maybe in the foreseeable future and we can read each other’s plots.

Are you currently working on anything? Tell us a little about it.
            I recently did a second addition on the current book we are talking about. “Book One” Now the most recent book is called: Chablis I Can Now Breathe. I am working on something now and hopeful that I will be finished within the next two months.

What would you like to say to your readers?
I enjoy suspense, crime and mysteries. My characters will use all of their senses to survive a bad situation and even have some fun. My goal is to humanize my characters both bad and good which makes for an interesting read. I am hopeful that my readers will live vicariously through my characters have an enjoyable moment or maybe even learn something. I have buried secrets in my writing and I laugh when readers try to figure out which characters are actually me.

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Trahison: Why Weren't We the Chosen Ones can be purchased on Amazon in paperback and ebook version.  
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