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Book Review Alert: You Taught Me

Book Review Alert: You Taught Me
Author: Delanda Mcnair
Published: June 20, 2019
Publisher: Truly HIS Pen LLC
ISBN-13: 978-1-7329907-0-8
Rating: 3

Summary: You Taught Me is a book about a group of friends who have to remember how to tap into their faith when the world is testing them. Each character in the book is going through their own obstacles, and it’s only through faith, prayer, and daily talks with God that they are able to make it through them. Several characters have their faith tested, but they ultimately lean into it more along with some constant reminders from their friends and family members.

There are some sentences that repeat themselves. The author would write a sentence and then right after it she paraphrased exactly what she said again. I suggest looking back over it and choosing one of the two sentences in the places you do this, both sentences are not needed. Also, please remember to add quotes when there is dialogue being spoken. I also found that lack of paragraph spacing to be a bit confusing. The author has dialogue from multiple characters and description all in one blocky paragraph. The author definitely needs to get an editor to go through the book again, because there are a lot of grammatical errors (comma splices, misplaced punctuation, etc) that make reading the book extremely confusing. The author needs to announce when the book switches over to different characters. Overall, I feel like a good revision and edit is needed.

(Reviewed by Chantel)

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  1. Thank You Reviewer Chantel, I Apologize For The Confusion. The Revision Was Completed April 2021.

    Respectfully ~ Delanda McNair


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