Thursday, May 13, 2021

Book Review Alert: Trahison Why Weren't We the Chosen Ones

Book Review Alert: Trahison Why Weren't We the Chosen Ones
Author:  Anjunette L. Washington
Published:  April 27, 2021
Publisher:  Page Publishing
ISBN-13:  978-1682137628
ISBN-10: 1682137627
ASIN:  n/a
Rating:  4

This book is for the generations. It's all about the Davidson Family. Money is the foundation of the family. Mostly the men in the family. It was something that was instilled in them. Growing up with love letters and encounters with love grew in this story. Then there are the ladies. I will say that my favorite character is Chase. She placed her foot down and said I don’t love with sex. That was a You Go Girl moment. I love traveling through time with this novel. It shows life. Life in all aspects. How we grow and change as people.  From single to married. From finding yourself to finding love. Take your time and read this novel. You will find little nuggets of wisdom or even some characters that remind you of those in your life.

Ms. Washington, you took your time with this novel. It is like a homemade cake. You made sure that all the ingredients work together to make this book. You  created a plot line that grew with the characters. The setting changed with the mood. The growth of the book gave understanding of the plot. All these ingredients together made a great book. The only negative aspect for me is that the book was a little too long. I am a reader where my attention span is not long but there are others that are able to sit and read for long periods of time. For me I wish it was broken into two novels. Other than that, you go girl. This book was good. 

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