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Book Review Alert: Tears of Me


Book Review Alert: Tears of Me 

Author: LaToya Martin

Published: July 3, 2020

Publisher:   LaToya Martin

ISBN-13: 978-1947928121


Rating: 4

First poem that drew me into this novel was something that could be considered as a goodbye poem to cancer. I love the last line. It showed the determination of the character to overcome cancer. My second favorite piece of work in this novel would be Walketh Out Of Heaven. This poem is a dedication to the love that she is found in her mate. When reading this poem you can 

tell that the author was in love with this person. The love that was spoken about was as they say something serious. It is a poem for those that are determined to stay married. When she compared love to Alpha and Omega. That part had me floored. Whoever this person that she's in love with you can tell that was a love that she's been waiting for. 

I must say I love the poetry in this novel. It seems like every poem has something to do with everyday life. In addition,  I love the artwork that is found in this novel. The artwork brings life to the point that it pertains to.My only negative against this book is that I wish the author would place the poems together in sections in which they are about a similar topic.  The poem into different sections would make the poetry easier to read.  

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Amazon-  Tears of Me 
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