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Book Review Alert: Battle Scarred Love: BWWM (Book 1)


Book Review Alert: Battle Scarred Love: BWWM (Book 1)

Author: Y. Deonna

Published: September 4, 2019

Publisher: Y. Deonna

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1733058520

Rating: 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Summary

Royale Chastain is a preacher’s kid. She is the daughter of Bishop Grayling Chastain and

First Lady Royce Chastain. Her grounded foundation in Christ has afforded her the

opportunity of a good upbringing, education, and non-profit opportunities which

allowed her to travel abroad on several occasions to complete missionary work. Her

family stars in a Christian turned outlandish reality show giving Royale celebrity status.

To add the cherry atop the sundae, she is planning to marry the man of her life.

However, she is faced with the ultimate betrayal by those who vowed to love her most.

She has decided to leave her issues in Virginia. While enroute to visit a sorority sister in

West Virginia, she meets Khan Masterson. Seeing apples and oranges would be like

looking at Royale and Khan, they are not a match. However in their souls, it feels like a

match made in heaven. Khan is also a college graduate and owns his own business. He

has survived his mother’s murder and is doing his best to rise above the expectations of

following in his father’s footsteps since his father has become a Klan member. They grew closer only to be challenged by the stigmas of their pasts. Will the love they have for each other conquer all or will they surrender to the judgement and hate of others?

I am impressed with the author’s wordsmanship abilities. A vivid picture was painted

through the words of the author. It is a great book when you can imagine characters and

places while reading. Being from Virginia myself, I felt a connection to the story’s setting

in Northern Virginia. I love that the author’s storytelling is not locked in a box. She

displays originality as well as the importance of a Christian foundation and prayer in her novel. She also explores on-going barriers in today’s day and age such as racism,

stereoptyping, hatred, and stigmas of interracial relationships. In this story, Royale and

Khan vow to knock down barriers promoting hate and preventing their love from

blossoming. With the turn of each page I anticipated what would happen next. The

ending of the book happened leaving a cliffhanger. I recommend this read. I discovered

that there was a part two to this novel. I recommend that you read this too, in advance. I

know I’ll be reading.

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