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50 United Authors of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC/ Illinois- Elizabeth Lashaun


State Nickname: The Prairie State

Population: 12,518,071 (as of 2022)

Capital: Springfield

Fun Fact: In 1717 Illinois became part of the Louisiana territory, a French colony.

Elizabeth LaShaun

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Elizabeth LaShaun born and raised in Chicago! I have called Dallas home for the past 6 years but I’m a Chicago girl at heart. Most of my books are based in Chicago. I write drama books with blends of romance and sometimes crime. My love series consist of Inconvenient Love, Lethal Love, A Mother’s Love, Lion Heart, and Steady Love. I strive to create memorable, relatable characters that guide readers on an emotional journey. When a reader closes a book by me the characters and most importantly the lessons and feelings aroused will stay with them long after the last page.

At what stage (or stages) of life have you done most of your writing? 

I wrote little stories a lot as a child. I didn’t begin writing seriously until my mid twenties. I wrote 4 books. I took a hiatus for seven years and then in my mid thirties I started cranking out books again. I guess it’s something about that middle point for me.

Have you ever tried to write a novel for a genre you rarely or never read?

No, I haven't done that. I will admit I want to write a historical fiction novel to pay homage to my great grandmother. I’ve read a few books in the genre but not many.

What are common traps for new authors?

Sadly there many traps out there for new authors, especially self published. I think not doing proper research is a big one and covers a multitude of problems. There are so many scams out there. You have to do your research or it will cost you greatly. I have a saying you’re going to pay on the front or back end, but either way you’re gonna pay. Do your research and understand being an author whether traditionally or self-published will require an investment. I also believe not having realistic expectations is another trap.

What’s your favorite writing snack or drink?

I absolutely can’t snack while I’m writing. I honestly don’t drink either but I guess some juice would be fine. I do all my creating directly at the computer. I can't have my baby wet or dirty.

What perspectives or beliefs have you challenged with your latest novel?

This is an excellent question. I believe the belief I challenged is the idea of marriage. One of the characters has been in a wonderful relationship for ten years. After she becomes pregnant she feels the pressure to become married. I’m not telling my readers what to do or believe in. The question is why?

Are there therapeutic benefits to modeling a character after someone you know?

Absolutely! My career Kinji had a lot of qualities I didn’t feel comfortable revealing about myself. Therapy actually is helping me heal, but writing her story made me face myself. It’s also nice to base a character off someone that’s no longer with us. Kinda feel their presence if that makes sense.

Describe your writing space?

My office is my haven and everything me. I have writings my great grandmother wrote in 1939 framed on my walls. My to-do list board on another wall. My yearly plan on another wall. A bookshelf in front of my desk with all my favorites such as KR Bankston, Carl Weber, JD Mason, and others. And I have pictures of my family and my besties. It’s my personal space. When the weather is nice I go to my second favorite place in my house, my balcony and write.

 What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

I have to say my two biggest influencers are Carl Weber and JD Mason. My writing is a blend of those two. Carl Weber is the king of drama to me. He will throw you for a loop and  I love it. JD Mason gets me with those emotions and feelings especially with her male characters.

Does one of the main characters in your latest novel hold a special place in your heart? Who and why?

Kinji will always hold a special place in my heart. She’s been me in certain aspects and is me in others. As with everyone we go through ebbs and flows. She matures in some areas and others it takes a while. She can be misunderstood a lot but I believe the readers, even those that hate her, know her intentions are good and come from a good place.

What would you like to say to your readers?

Thank you! Please know your support doesn’t go unnoticed, especially during this COVID era when so much uncertainty is around us. Stay on the rollercoaster and I’ll keep bringing the dips and turns one read at a time. I have some exclusive rides on my patreon page check it out.

Lion Heart can be purchased on Amazon.

Edwin “Mo” Aguilera overcame for most, unbearable and unfathomable obstacles. Not only did he survive the underworld, he mastered it. He found and married the love of his life and created a lovely family. Almost twenty years later, he certainly earned the right to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. As with life, the best laid plans can always go awry. Mo accounted for every complication except the ones residing in his own home and head. Can Mo take on his past to protect his family’s future?

Authors Website-

Facebook: Elizabeth LaShaun

Amazon: Elizabeth LaShaun

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