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Book Review Alert: Blinded By Love by Colleen Williams

Book Review Alert: Blinded By Love

Author: Colleen Williams

Published: May 31, 2021

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN-13: 979-8504907789

ASIN: B095GSMHP5 (Paperback)


Rating: 5 stars

Byline: A generations curse the killed a generation

Generational curses are real and this novel shows a great example of that. This short story is one that at times is heartbreaking and then triumphs at other times. Three generations of women endure the pain of domestic violence. In this book, it brought to light many of the things that was happening to me as I went through domestic violence. Many say just get up and walk away but it is not always that easy. Especially in the case where there is a child involved or you are the child involved.

One thing I noticed in this novel is domestic violence does not have a type. Each one of the generation of women was with a different type of man. Everything in this book happened to one family. Three generations of women.  Ebonee is smart, cute, and off to college. What most teenage girls dream of doing. While dating in college, she starts to see that she keeps picking the same type of man, broken. To me, I feel she feels as if she can change these men for the good. 

She talks about how her mother was abused and she witnessed it. Even gave us a look at what happens when a woman is sick and tired of being the “punching bag”. Sometimes you have to go for it and that is exactly what her mother did.  I will not speak much about this because I will give it away. 

The most painful part of this novel is reading the death of her daughter to this awful crime. This part of the novel broke me and had me in tears. At one point, I was yelling at the book begging her (Aziza) to talk to her mother. She did and I was relieved but she still met and with a terrible end. 

The emotions in this novel are so real and will have the reader in a ball of them. The story flowed so easily and with ease. When reading this, it felt like she was doing an interview. 


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