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Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen 
Author: Elaine Jenkins 
Published: August 10, 2022 
Publisher: Independently published 
ISBN-13: 979-8846001367 
ASIN: B0BB67HS4G (Paperback) 
Rating: 4 stars 
Byline: This world is small and sometimes dangerous.  


Aries, Violet, and Yolanda are thick as thieves. Aries and Violet are cousins and Yolanda is the best friend to both.  
Violet is the best representation of the female in the classic SOS Band song entitled Weekend Girl or the cult classic Independent by Webbie. She has everything she wants but a man. She is a baddie so she can be as choosy as she wants. 
Here comes Jackson. According to Violet, he is a cutie and knows how to make a woman happy. Meeting at a club turns into a night of pleasure. Could he be Mr. Right or is he just another fish to throw back in the sea? 
Then Violet meets Dutch. Dutch is a street businessman. He finds himself falling in love with her. He likes what he sees and plans to make her his, but all other men must be the out of the picture.  
Yolanda has a secret that will ruin the relationship that Violet has with one of these men. What will happen when Violet finds out? Who will be the last man standing? Who will be six feet deep? What will happen to the relationship between Violet and Yolanda? 

Why? WHy??  WHY???   
This book was very written. The flow was at ease with no hiccups. While reading I knew something was going to happen and yes, I did guess correctly but here comes that curveball. That is what makes this novel such a winner. I did not see any of what happened to Charlotte coming. The reactions of the characters are what should have happened in real life. I loved the fact that the author did that. It was nothing that was over exaggerated or out of the realm of normalcy. Nice quick and fast lunchtime read.   
The end of the book leaves me to wonder if there will be a part 2. Now is part 2 needed? Well, that depends on the reader. There is enough groundwork for part 2. 


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