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Book Review Alert: Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist

 Book Review Alert: Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist

Author: Tracy Smalls

Published: September 29, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN-13: 979-8613104475


Rating: 4 stars

Byline: Learn from me so you don’t be fooled.

According to the Mariam -Webster dictionary, a narcissist is a person who is an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Reading that statement you would think that many would fit this category but I beg to differ.

Thanks to Tracy Smalls, I am now able to tell the difference. Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist is a self-told novel of a period in the life of Smalls. She uses her voice in this novel to give pointers and warn others against this type of personality. Dealing with a  narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) would leave the individual that is in the relationship with them individual lose themselves and become engulfed in the other. She speaks about the marriage that she was in and how she started to lose herself. She did her research (YES. DO THE RESEARCH!!!) There are so many pointers in this book from what texts you might receive when they are doing wrong to what they will say to you when they narcissist is up to no good. The biggest pointer I got from this book is to always TRUST MY GUT FEELINGS.  I love the fact that she gains a love for herself and heals from the damage that has been done. 

Some may think this book is not needed but I feel this book has been needed for so long. Now that we, as African Americans, are starting to care and pay more attention to our mental health. I feel as if this book is great for anyone that is in a relationship[ or thinking about starting to date again. 

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