Friday, September 2, 2022

September's Recommendations: Self-Help/ Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can mean many different things for everyone, but we all can say that it is about making oneself better. It can be as simple as taking a beginner’s cooking class to taking a walk everyday. Someday we all will need to look into self improvement. In the month of September set a goal and achieve it. Nothing feels better than achievement. Here are some great reads that will get you a step closer to a better you. Take the month to explore all the possibilities and keep learning! 

Elementary (Grades K-4)

Middle (Grades 5-8)

High (Grades 9-12)

Adults (18+)

Don’t forget about our 2022 SCBookGal and Friends Reading Challenge!!!!!

To be eligible to win a $10 Amazon Gift card, you just have to read a book on the list or a book that can fit within the theme. If you participate every month in 2022, you will be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet that will be given away in December. Your monthly entry can be entered here.  You can check out our blog at or check us out on facebook- SCBookGal & Friends.  Happy Reading!!!!

2022 SCBookGal and Friends Monthly Themes

January- Read a book from SCBookGal and Friends January Magazine suggestions

February- Read a young adult novel by an african american author

March- Watch a  book made into a film or television series

April- Borrow a book from your local library and read

May- Read a book about concerning mental health

June- Read a book written by a local author

July- Attend a book festival

August- Listen to an audiobook

September- Read a self-help/ self-improvement book 

October- Read a book whose cover has your favorite color

November- Read a book by a new author

December- Read a book by one of SCBookGal and Friends spotlight authors

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