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Book Review Alert: 10 Erotic: Book 1 by Dallas Black

Book Review Alert: 10 Erotic: Book 1 by Dallas Black
Author: Dallas Black
Published: June 2, 2010

Rating: 5 stars

Sometimes a quickie is all you need…

10 Erotic: Book 1 by Dallas Black is for the reader on the go that needs a little taste of a good story. Just enough of a tease to get to the next phase. All of the stories contained in this book were that of raw passion, in numerous places, from the laundry room to the spa. All the stories have a great storyline that stays on point for whatever the theme is. I cannot say much more or I will be giving away too much.

The fact each story has a poem that goes along with it is just another plus for this author.

I personally love this book. It was just an enough to tease keep and me satisfied. The vivid use of description gives you a since of being there like a fly on the wall watching the action. My personal favorite of this author would have to be called Preserves and P**sy.

I give this book 5 star. I recommend this book to anyone that does not have the time to sit and read a conventional novel and just want a little something to hit the spot.

Reviewed: Patrice"SCBookGal"

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